Mastering Reality Transurfing: The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Life’s Variations

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Reality Transurfing isn’t just another self-help concept; it’s a transformative approach to life. Originating from Vadim Zeland’s groundbreaking series, this guide will walk you through the essence of Transurfing, its author, and the principles that can reshape your perception of the world.

Who is Vadim Zeland?

Vadim Zeland, the enigmatic author behind the Transurfing series, hails from Russia. His personality is legendary and shrouded in mystery, as he rarely participates in public events or promotes himself. Despite his reclusive nature, Zeland’s work on Reality Transurfing has garnered international acclaim, making him a prominent figure in the world of metaphysics and personal development. Interestingly, some even speculate that “Vadim Zeland” is a pseudonym for a group of scientists, given the depth and breadth of the Transurfing concept.

What is Reality Transurfing?

Reality Transurfing is a unique technology developed by Vadim Zeland that focuses on achieving goals and managing events through special techniques of attention focusing. It’s based on the idea that thoughts can influence the “infosphere” that forms material reality. The essence of Transurfing lies in the belief that information is primary, and matter is secondary. This method has been confirmed by the practical experiences of followers worldwide, from Canada to New Zealand.

The Core Books of Reality Transurfing

Zeland’s series on Transurfing consists of several volumes, each delving into different aspects of this philosophy. Some of the notable books include:

The Alternatives Model:

The Alternatives Model is a foundational concept in Reality Transurfing, positing that life is not a linear path but a vast space of infinite possibilities. Every decision, thought, or action we take shifts us to a different sector of this space. By understanding this model, one realizes that every desired reality already exists in this space, waiting to be accessed. It’s not about creating a new reality but rather tuning into the one that aligns with our desires.


Pendulums are energy structures that feed off collective thought energy. They can be societal norms, ideologies, or any group thinking pattern. While they can offer a sense of belonging, they often trap individuals into specific patterns of behavior, sometimes against their true desires. Recognizing and freeing oneself from the grip of destructive pendulums is crucial to navigate towards one’s chosen reality.

The Wave of Fortune:

The Wave of Fortune is a favorable stream of events that one can ride for success and happiness. It’s the opposite of the downward spiral many people find themselves in when things go wrong. By maintaining positive energy, gratitude, and taking advantage of small wins, one can attract and stay on this wave, making the most of the opportunities it brings.


Balance in Reality Transurfing refers to the equilibrium between forces. Excessive desire or fear can disrupt this balance, pushing away the very thing one desires. By maintaining a calm, detached approach, one can avoid these excessive forces, ensuring that their chosen reality remains within reach.

The Induced Transition:

This concept refers to sudden, often negative shifts in one’s reality. External events or internal turmoil can induce these transitions, moving one away from their desired reality. By being aware of one’s emotional and mental state and avoiding overreactions, one can prevent these unwanted shifts.

The Alternatives Flow:

The Alternatives Flow Life is like a river, with countless streams representing different life paths. The Alternatives Flow is about understanding this river and choosing the stream that aligns with one’s goals. Instead of swimming against the current, Transurfing teaches one to flow with it, making the journey smoother and more enjoyable.


Intention is the driving force behind Reality Transurfing. It’s not just about wanting something but decisively choosing it. There are two types: inner intention (willpower) and outer intention (universe’s will). By aligning both, one can materialize their desired reality with ease.


Slides are mental images or scenarios that one plays in their mind. They shape one’s expectations and, consequently, their reality. By creating and focusing on positive slides that align with one’s desires, one can influence the external world, drawing closer to their goals.

The Heart and Mind:

The heart and mind often have conflicting desires. While the mind is logical and cautious, the heart is intuitive and passionate. Reality Transurfing emphasizes the importance of aligning the two. When the heart’s desires and the mind’s logic work in harmony, achieving one’s goals becomes more effortless.

Goals and Doors:

Goals and Doors: Setting clear goals is essential in Reality Transurfing. However, it’s equally important to recognize the doors or opportunities that lead to these goals. Instead of forcing a path, Transurfing teaches one to recognize and walk through the doors that naturally open up, leading them to their desired reality.


Reality Transurfing is more than just a philosophy; it’s a way of life. By understanding and applying its principles, you can navigate the complexities of reality and manifest your desires. Whether you’re new to the concept or a seasoned practitioner, Vadim Zeland’s works offer a treasure trove of insights waiting to be explored.

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